The London Basin Forum

3D model. Reproduced with the permission of the British Geological Survey ©NERC. All rights reserved.'

The London Basin is probably one of the most intensively investigated pieces of ground on the surface of the earth. Countless boreholes have been drilled for site investigations, aggregate evaluation and water supply; many 100s of kilometres of tunnels have been drilled for railways, cable and sewage and water pipelines.

Yet the geology of the London Basin is still poorly understood with unforeseen ground conditions costing developers vast sums of money.


The London Basin Forum aims act as a gateway to collate this information and provide it as a paradigm — a baseline model against which commercial and other geological models could be calibrated.

Why should I contribute?

The London Basin Forum will work collaboratively drawing together information dispersed throughout the geological community to produce a model which will relate the development of the London Basin to the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of its rock units. It will provide engineers, geotechnical and environmental specialists with a thorough understanding of how the geological development of the London Basin has and will influence the behaviour of the ground in the past, present and future.

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